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Wanted: cut flowers for Europe

Take advantage of these benefits

  • Support for exporting cut flowers to Europe

  • Preparing for the requirements of the European market

  • Long-lasting business contacts thanks to our matchmaking service

Colour and scent

Inspire Europe with your colourful variety of flowers

A bouquet of beautiful, brightly coloured flowers is still the first choice of gift for birthdays or anniversaries in Germany and throughout Europe. Therefore, for you as a producer of fresh cut flowers, the European market offers many opportunities, especially for small and medium-sized business enterprises.

More and more florists are on the lookout for premium quality products and unusual varieties for their customers. This opens up a lucrative niche for smaller growers of roses, carnations, hydrangeas, proteas and other high-quality cut flowers from Ecuador, Colombia, Kenya and South Africa.

However, you will need to be well-prepared for entering the market. For example, you will require proof documenting your safe and sustainable production processes and, ideally, certification such as GLOBALG.A.P., MPS or Fairtrade.

IPD lends you support in meeting the respective criteria and certification requirements, paving the way for you to deal directly with your customers in Europe – without intermediaries and other detours.

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Get in touch with us!

Are you a producer of cut flowers in Colombia, Ecuador, South Africa or Kenya?
Get in touch with us, as we are always on the lookout for exciting products for the European market. 

Europeans demand for your products

  • Roses
  • Chrysanthemums
  • Alstromeria
  • Callas
  • Hydrangeas
  • Carnations
  • Proteas
  • LeucodendrumLeucospermum
  • Brunia
  • Summer flowers (Hypericum, kangaroo paw etc.)
  • Cut foliage or Gypsophila (Gypsophila)
  • and many more!


We connect you with European importers at these trade fairs

IFTF event


International flower and plant sector

The International Floriculture Trade Fair (IFTF) is an industry wide event serving all segments of the floriculture process, especially growers, propagators and breeders.

IPM - International Plant Fair

Innovations in the green sector

The world's leading horticultural trade fair revolves around solutions and innovations in the green sector, with over 1,500 exhibitors from 45 countries presenting their products. 


Get in touch with us!

We provide you with details about the IPD evaluation process and our admission criteria.


Our partner countries for cut flowers

Make everyday life in Europe a little more colourful

If you grow cut flowers in one of the countries listed here and want to export to Europe, we can support you. Get in touch with us to find out what you need to consider when exporting cut flowers to Europe.



Benefits of direct trade

Diversity blooms at the foot of Mount Kenya: Mount Kenya Sprouts impresses European buyers with a colourful selection of "summer flowers". 

Networking and matchmaking


Well connected to Europe!

IPD assists you in accessing the European market. In order to export successfully to Europe, you will require market competence and, above all, contacts. IPD mediates both.

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Dr. Andreas Gemählich

Expert Sourcing + Markets

Cut flowers (Colombia, Ecuador, Kenya, South Africa)