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West African products for Europe


Companies from Ghana are ideal trading partners for European importers: partly on account of the modern agricultural sector in Ghana, which is definitely competitive by international comparison. But also because of the Economic Partnership Agreement between Ghana and the EU, which facilitates mutual trade. Make use of these advantages if you cultivate the following products in Ghana:

  • Tropical fruits are especially popular in Europe – such as mangoes, papayas or pineapples, preferably in organic quality or Fairtrade-certified.
  • There is also great export potential for special African vegetables like okras, yams or sweet potatoes, which are hardly grown at all in Europe.
  • In Europe, there is a great demand for natural ingredients for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and the food industry, e.g. for medicinal and aromatic plant products such as baobab or moringa. But also products like cocoa butter or shea butter for use in natural skin and hair care products, are interesting for the European cosmetics industry.

For European buyers, the seasonal periods and the associated strategically favourable harvest windows for fruit and vegetables as well as the short distances are good arguments for importing from Ghana. Make the most of your opportunity now – IPD will support you in the process!

Your benefits

  • Targeted networking with European importers
  • Customised preparation for the European market
  • Participation in European trade fairs, virtual b2b events etc. 

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Fresh limes lie on a table

Fresh produce

Due to the great variety of fruit and vegetables Ghana has to offer, IPD has selected this African country as one of its partners. Take the chance and join the IPD programme.

A selection of different spices is presented on spoons

Natural ingredients

What European consumers want: natural goods with a minimum of artificial ingredients harvested from an intact natural environment. Europe demands medicinal or aromatic products from wild collection, ingredients for cosmetics, processed fruit and vegetables, etc. 

We support you in successfully selling your products to Europe.

If you offer products from Ghana, then entering the European market could be profitable for you. We are happy to inform you about your opportunities and possibilities.

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Country report Ghana

Vegetation diversity

Ghana has been a success story for two decades now. The West African country is an important producer of gold, cocoa, and oil. The stable democratic situation enables positive economic development – and the geographic diversity and continual expansion of sustainable farming make the country an interesting source market for high-quality agricultural products. A number of trade agreements and good freight connections to Europe boost Ghana’s enormous potential for foreign trade.

Learn more about our work in Ghana in our country report.



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