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Success Stories

Get to know the successful work of IPD

Through our engagement, we open the European market to exporters and tourism companies in developing and emerging countries. We aim to integrate small and medium-sized enterprises into international supply chains and boost exports from partner countries. Read our Success Stories to find out how exactly we do this and how you can benefit from our work.

Sri Lanka

Successful export promotion

IPD supports EDB in expanding its export services.

Success Story FTADD


Sustainable destination Dahar

Promoting sustainable tourism in Tunisia is the goal of IPD.

Success Story Ben Ghreb


Biodynamically certified

IPD arranges sustainable trade partnerships for producers of dates.

Success story Tierra Orgánica


Organic fruits

With the support of IPD the young team of Tierra Orgánica has managed to successfully export organic fruits to the EU market. 


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We provide you with details about the IPD evaluation process and our admission criteria.


IPD Information

Even more useful information on IPD and its work

IPD is your first port of call when it comes to mediating trade partners in Europe. If you would like to know more about our work, our objectives and the background of IPD, then you will find several interesting brochures and factsheets in PDF format here.

IPD Country reports

Download Country Report PDF

IPD engagement in Egypt

Egypt offers a wide variety of fresh fruits & vegetables and natural ingredients for the European market. The climate and the Nile River as an important source of water are great advantages for agricultural production.

IPD flyers and brochures

IPD services for exporters

Well-prepared and well-connected to Europe

IPD flyer for tourism partners

Access the European tourism market

Well-advised and well-connected

IPD brochures for European companies

Here you will find the IPD brochures...

... that we provide to European buyers and tour operators so that they can learn more about the companies in the IPD programme and the export potential in our partner countries.

This way you can find out what European business partners are interested in.