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Import Promotion Desk has set the goal of preparing companies from our partner countries for the European market. With our extensive e-learning offer, we succeed particularly well.

IPD e-learning

Exclusive access for IPD partners

For participants of the IPD programme, we offer many useful e-learning courses on a separate platform.

Here you will learn quickly and efficiently the special aspects and requirements of the European market. This way you are optimally prepared for doing business with customers from Europe.

Our modules cover these topics: 

  • Market access & know-how
  • Standards & certifications
  • Marketing
  • Distribution & sales
  • Sector-specific topics
  • Trade fair preparation

Each module provides a number of courses which were developed by our international consultants. The content is presented in the form of explanatory videos, quizzes, presentations and assignments  in which you can apply your newly gathered knowledge straight away. Your learning success is achieved particularly quickly. In addition, our companies receive individual one-to-one coaching by the IPD experts. 

ONLY participants in our programme can use this valuable e-learning offer free of charge.

E-Learning Course: Corporate Social responsibility

Increase your competitiveness with a focus on sustainability

In cooperation with CBI, IPD has developed an E-Learning course on corporate social responsibility (CSR) that is hosted at the International Trade Centre (ITC) E-Learning platform. This course introduces participants to CSR for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). It starts by providing participants with the definition and importance of CSR, with a particular focus on the business drivers of CSR involvement for an SME. 

Register here and start your CSR course