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Ecuador has much to offer


Hardly any other IPD partner country offers as wide a range of products for the European market as Ecuador. Its different climate zones offer ideal conditions for the cultivation of many products which potential trading partners in Europe need and want:

  • Medicinal and aromatic plants - European consumers are increasingly demanding pure herbal medicines and cosmetics. There is also great export potential for dried fruits, herbs, spices, vegetable oil - obtained from Ecuador's diverse flora.
  • Tropical fruits and fresh vegetables (especially organic produce) are also in high demand.
  • Similarly, wood products from teak to bamboo (from verifiably legal sources) are requested on the European market.
  • Colorful cut flowers - especially roses from the highlands of Ecuador are coveted by European customers.
  • The beauty of Ecuador has also become common knowledge around the world. European travelers want tourism offers that are environmentally friendly and socially responsible. By offering sustainable and innovative products including nature, culture and adventure tours, Ecuadorian tourism companies can increase their presence in the European tourism market.

IPD is also represented at a local office in Ecuador. This makes it easier for you to establish contact and accelerates your leap into Europe. We will help support you in marketing your tourism or export products in Europe.  


  • Targeted networking with European partners
  • IPD office on site enables direct contact
  • Matchmaking: trade fairs, virtual events and personal meetings

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Our products from Ecuador
Fresh limes lie on a table

Fresh produce

European consumers demand for fresh fruit & vegetables. Benefit from this trend and sell your products to Europe.

Several bouquets of red roses stored next to each other

Cut flowers

Customers – and therefore also wholesalers and retail florists – want roses with large heads, long stems and a transparent supply chain. And roses from Ecuador’s high-altitude areas fulfil those criteria as few other competitors can.

Eine Auswahl verschiedener Gewürze wird auf Löffeln präsentiert

Natural ingredients

Healthy products with natural ingredients are in vogue in Europe. This also affects the cosmetics and pharmaceutical sector. Use the opportunity to export your products to Europe. 

A man looks down on a mountain lake from above

Sustainable tourism

Community-based tourism in the Ecuadorian mountain cloud forest, hiking tours in the Andes, safaris in the Amazon jungle – Ecuador offers attractive destinations. As a tour operator in Ecuador, you can increase your presence in the European tourism market.

A hand is feeling wooden boards

Sustainable wood products

Bamboo and teak wood are ideal for manufacturing garden furniture, decking and panels and boards. Timber products from legal and sustainable sources are very popular in Europe. 

We support you in successfully selling your products to Europe.

No matter if you are a tour operator in Ecuador or a producer of fresh produce, sustainable wood products, natural ingredients or cut flowers - we will be happy to inform you about your opportunities and possibilities. 

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Country report Ecuador

IPD commitment in Ecuador

IPD has been active in Ecuador since 2018 and supports enterprises from the product groups of natural ingredients, fresh produce, sustainable wood, cut flowers, and sustainable tourism in accessing the European market. The agricultural sector in Ecuador is of major significance. It is a very important source of income and provides food security. At the same time, farming also has great potential for combating poverty – both through job creation and generation of income. This is also true of tourism: as a work-intensive sector, it makes an important contribution to effective economic development.
IPD aims to work with small and medium-sized enterprises to harness the country’s natural potential, benefit from Europe as a profitable target market and find partners to establish sustainable business relationships.

Learn more about our work in our country report Ecuador.


Success Stories
Success story Tierra Orgánica

Organic fruits

Niche product for Europe

With the support of IPD the young team of Tierra Orgánica has managed to successfully export organic fruits to the EU market. First business deals prove the potential of the products. 

Success story MINTUR


New start in tourism

IPD is supporting the Ministry of Tourism in Ecuador (MINTUR) as it prepares to relaunch tourism in the country. 

What exporters say about IPD

Ecuadorian company Canopy Bridge

To export successfully to the European market, IPD supports the company Canopy Bridge from Ecuador. They have been building a a value chain around macambo, an indigenous nutrient-rich seed from Ecuador, while focussing on the conservation of the rainforest, and take part in the export promotion programme of IPD.


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»Thanks to IPD we were able to gain a foothold on the EU market. The insights into the EU market and a better understanding of requirements on the importer side were particularly important for us.«

Paul Riera
Managing Director, Tierra Orgánica


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