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European buyers know: Egypt is an outstanding supplier of agricultural products like fresh produce and natural ingredients. When it comes to the European market, close proximity and good logistics are advantages that should not be undervalued. This equals great opportunities for producers of:

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables, both from conventional and organic cultivation
  • Natural ingredients for the food industry, such as dried fruits and spices
  • Natural ingredients like plant extracts and oils, for cosmetics and pharmaceuticals 

Egypt offers all this – in abundance and in premium quality. The country is an excellent choice as an export partner for European buyers. We assist you in bringing your products to Europe.


  • Targeted contact brokering with European importers
  • Comprehensive preparation for the European market
  • Participation in European trade fairs, virtual b2b events etc. 

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Our products from Egypt
Fresh limes lie on a table

Fresh produce

Healthy eating and sustainable food are becoming increasingly important to European customers. This great demand cannot be met by cultivation in Europe alone. Europe needs your fresh produce. Take advantage of this opportunity. 

A selection of different spices is presented on spoons

Natural ingredients

Increased consumer and business awareness of the need for sustainability has also led to significant demand for natural ingredients, not only in the food sector but also in the production of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. See here which products are particularly in demand.

Do you produce fresh fruits & vegetables or natural ingredients in Egypt?

Do you want to start exporting now in the best possible way to the European market? Then we should discuss what we can do for you!

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Country report Egypt

IPD engagement in Egypt

Egypt offers a great diversity of fresh fruit & vegetables and natural ingredients for the European market. The climate in Egypt and the River Nile as an important source of water are of great advantage for agrarian production. The geographic proximity of this North African country to Europe and the smoothly operating logistics ease the process of importing Egyptian products. IPD has been actively involved in Egypt since as far back as 2012, opening up access to the European market for agricultural producers and supporting them on the so-called “last mile". 

Learn more about our work in our country report Egypt.  


Success Stories
Success Story Creatick

fresh produce

Start-up company ready for export

IPD successfully prepares an ambitious producer for the EU market. Creatick Pro started 2017 with a lot of verve and a high quality product offering.

Success Story Logistic Nuts for Agricultural Development

organic peanuts

Export of organic products

African countries offer a variety of high-quality natural products for which there is a great demand on the EU market. IPD supports producers from Egypt.


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What exporters say about the IPD programme

The Egyptian company Wanesco

To export successfully to the European market, IPD supports the Egyptian company Wanesco. Wanesco is a leading company in Egypt, specialized in producing dried herbs and medicinal plants like chamomile, fennel, basil, and many more - in conventional and organic quality.

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Dorra Zairi

Expert Sourcing + Markets

Natural ingredients (Brazil, Morocco)

Fresh produce (Egypt, Morocco)

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Charlotte Braquet

Expert Sourcing + Markets

Natural ingredients (Egypt, Madagascar, Peru)