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Short transport routes, low trade barriers thanks to EU free trade agreement


Europe is not letting its partners in Ukraine down in these difficult times. With the support of IPD, you can find importers throughout Europe who will take your products that are not needed in the domestic market. In times like these, we naturally also support Ukrainian companies that are not yet part of the IPD programme, without any red tape.

These products are increasingly demanded by European companies:

  • Natural ingredients like frozen & dried berries, honey, wild herbs and similar products
  • Fresh fruits & vegetables, e.g. blueberries, apples, melons, sweet potatoes, squash and more.

Woodworking companies can also profitably market their centuries-old experience on the European market. Europe is specifically requesting the following products:

  • Legal and sustainable wood products from beech, oak and birch, such as glue-laminated panels, engineered wood, plywood, and kiln-dried lumber.

Use the opportunity to offer your products on the European market despite the war and secure the existence of your company. IPD supports you in this with its extensive range of services, regardless of whether you are already an IPD partner or not. Contact us and we will discuss how we can support you now. 


  • Targeted matchmaking with European importers
  • Careful preparation for the requirements of the European market
  • Participation in European trade fairs, virtual b2b events and selling missions

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Ukraine Special Programme

On behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), IPD has initiated the "Ukraine Special Programme "(UASP) to expand its engagement in Ukraine. to connect export-ready companies to European buyers. 

  • IPD takes new Ukrainian companies into its support programme at short notice and connects them with European trade partners through targeted matchmaking activities. 
  • The basic condition is: the small and medium-sized enterprises have products for export that are not needed in Ukraine and have no marketing opportunities there.
  • Usually, the IPD experts visit the companies on site to check them for certain criteria such as quality, delivery capacities, logistics and company size. As onsite visits are currently not possible, these are replaced by online meetings where the IPD experts can interview the suppliers and get to know them better.

If you are an Ukrainian exporter who wants to and is able to supply the EU market, we will connect you with European importers. Many buyers are interested in establishing trade relations even in these difficult times. 

Our products from Ukraine
Fresh limes lie on a table

Fresh produce

More and more European consumers are conscious of product sustainability when food shopping. They prefer organically grown fruits and vegetables. Increase your export opportunities with the sale of organic products.

A selection of different spices is presented on spoons

Natural ingredients

In Europe demand is growing for the use of natural ingredients in food production. Ukrainian products such as dried and frozen berries, nuts and honey meet current demand trends. Profit from this trend, export to Europe. 

A hand is feeling wooden boards

Sustainable wood products

The current outlook indicates that the demand for wood in Europe will continue to increase. For this reason, IPD is constantly looking for reliable suppliers who want to approach the European market strategically. 

We support you in successfully selling your products to Europe.

If you offer products from Ukraine, then entering the European market could be profitable for you. We are happy to inform you about your opportunities and possibilities. 

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»Participation in the IPD program has allowed us to develop a business and gain easier access to European importers. And from the first days of the war in Ukraine, IPD has been there for us to support us and to continue promoting our products.«

Andrew Vlasov  
Danube Agrarian LTD


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We provide you with details about the IPD evaluation process and our admission criteria.


What exporters say about IPD

The company Amethyst-Ole from Ukraine

To export successfully to the European market, IPD supports the Ukrainian company Amethyst-Ole, producing and exporting frozen berries from Ukraine in conventional and organic quality.

Success Story
Success Story Gadz

High quality and short delivery routes

The Ukrainian company Gadz provides high-quality fruit for the European market. Although it has only been in the IPD programme since 2020, Gadz has already convinced the British importer Fresh4U of the quality of its products and its value as a reliable supplier. IPD supports both exporters and importers to ensure that the collaboration is a success story for both sides.

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Caroline Moraza

Expert Sourcing + Markets

Natural ingredients (Côte d’Ivoire, Kenya, Tunisia, Ukraine)
Fresh Produce (Ukraine)

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Frank Maul

Expert Sourcing + Markets
Sustainable wood products (Colombia, Ecuador, Indonesia, Ukraine)