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Morocco is an ideal trading partner for European companies: thanks to its geographical proximity, fresh goods can be transported quickly across the sea to reach interested buyers in Europe. This is especially true for high-quality organic products, for example:

  • Citrus fruits, melons, raspberries, blueberries
  • Fresh herbs, e.g. mint, coriander or lemongrass, and vegetables, such as tomatoes, pumpkins, zucchinis 
  • Natural ingredients, spices, essential oils and much more.

Due to the earlier harvest times than in Europe, excellent sales opportunities are available to you as a Moroccan producer. We connect you with interested importers in Europe. Thanks to our IPD regional office in Morocco, our support is quick and uncomplicated. 


  • Targeted contact brokering to suitable buyers in Europe
  • Precise preparation for the European market
  • Participation in European trade fairs, virtual b2b events etc. 

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Fresh limes lie on a table

Fresh produce

Morocco's geographical proximity to Europe and economic policy convergence with EU rules makes business relatively easy.  
Make use of these advantages and conquer the European market with your products.

A selection of different spices is presented on spoons

Natural ingredients

Sought-after in Europe: Pure products from an intact natural environment. For this reason, European food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals industries are constantly on the lookout for new sources.
Use this demand for your export opportunity.

We support you in successfully selling your products to Europe.

If you offer products from Morocco, then entering the European market could be profitable for you. We are happy to inform you about your opportunities and possibilities.

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Get in touch with us!

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Fresh limes lie on a table

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Dorra Zairi

Expert Sourcing + Markets

Natural ingredients (Brazil, Morocco)

Fresh produce (Egypt, Morocco)

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Frank Maul

Regional Expert
IPD HUB Morocco