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Colombia has it, Europe needs it


Colombia is known for its natural richness and is for this reason a very popular IPD partner country. This is because many products are grown and produced there, which are in high demand on the European market:

  • Tropical fruits, which are seasonally available in Colombia for an above-average period of time, are interesting for European buyers – certificates such as GLOBAL.G.A.P, HACCP, Organic or Fairtrade are important for export to Europe.
  • Unique ingredients extracted from the diverse plants of Colombia – are needed by European companies – especially for the production of cosmetics and pharmaceutical products.
  • Popular cut flowers such as carnations, hydrangeas and chrysanthemums that European wholesale and retail florists need in abundance.
  • Bamboo and sturdy plantation teak are in demand in Europe for their good workability and attractive grain, and should come from guaranteed legal sources.

Enough good reasons for the Import Promotion Desk to search for suitable exporters in Colombia –are you perhaps one of them? Then we look forward to hearing from you!


  • Networking with European importers
  • Preparation for the European market
  • Participation in European trade fairs, virtual b2b events etc. 

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Fresh limes lie on a table

Fresh produce

Especially in the winter months the European demand of fresh produce is high - use the oppotunity to export your fruits & vegetables to the European market. 

A selection of different spices is presented on spoons

Natural ingredients

Herbs, spices, oils and much more are important for diverse industries in Europe. Have a look here what is needed specifically.

A hand is feeling wooden boards

Sustainable wood products

You can supply sustainable timber of verifiably legal origin? Then you are sought-after trading partner for Europe.

Several bouquets of red roses stored next to each other

Cut flowers

European consumers love colourful flowers from all over the world. With our support you can get a piece of this lucrative market. 

We support you in successfully selling your products to Europe.

If you offer products from Colombia, then entering the European market could be profitable for you. We are happy to inform you about your opportunities and possibilities. 

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IPD's commitment in Colombia

IPD has been active in Colombia since 2015. It supports producers of natural ingredients, fresh fruit & vegetables, cut flowers and sustainable wood products and accompanies them on their way to the European market. Due to its different climatic zones, Colombia offers a high level of biodiversity and a wealth of raw materials and varieties. The free trade agreement with the EU in 2013 and the peace agreement between the Colombian government and the FARC guerrillas in 2016 have set the course for a positive development of the country and its foreign trade. 

Learn more about our work in our country report on Colombia. 


What exporters say about IPD

Colombian company Lazos

To export successfully to the European market, IPD supports the company Lazos from Colombia. The family business company processes tropical fruits such as mangoes, papayas, and pineapples and takes part in the export promotion programme of IPD.


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We provide you with details about the IPD evaluation process and our admission criteria.


Success Stories
Success Story SERO Colombia


Fruity creations in vogue

Growing demand on the EU market for natural products - exporter SERO Colombia benefits from the expanding market for healthy food.

Success story organic tea

Organic tea

Sustained export support

IPD has supported the Colombian export company Agrícola Himalaya S.A. and connected the company with German importer J.T. Ronnefeldt KG.

Your contact
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Dr. Andreas Gemählich

Expert Sourcing + Markets

Cut flowers (Colombia, Ecuador, Kenya, South Africa)

Daniel Oppermann

Expert Sourcing + Markets

Fresh produce (Colombia, Ecuador, Peru)

María Paula Gómez

Expert Sourcing + Markets

Natural ingredients (Colombia, Ecuador, South Africa)

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Frank Maul

Expert Sourcing + Markets
Sustainable wood products (Colombia, Ecuador, Indonesia, Ukraine)