New markets, new customers.

More sales. Less risk.

You want to tap new markets? Spread your business risk? Make full use of existing capacities? Increase your competitiveness? Then you need to increase your market presence. In Europe. With the Import Promotion Desk. The IPD will provide you with support and advice throughout the entire internationalisation process with the goal Europe – neutral, informed, cost-optimized.


First we pay you a visit

Various criteria first have to be fulfilled before your cooperation with the IPD can start.
For this purpose, our experts will make an appointment to visit and evaluate your business in advance. 

The challenges facing your business can be discussed directly in the course of these visits and individual advice will be provided. At the same time the visits to your business serve to identify and evaluate suitable new suppliers for our customers in Europe.

We would welcome the opportunity to personally provide you with details of the IPD evaluation process and our criteria during a company visit.

Who, how, what, where?  
We advise, qualify and network you.

Establishing contacts

The IPD establishes contacts to suitable buyers in the EU for exporters.
With this in mind we will organise the following for you:

  • Export market orientation missions
  • Sales tours
  • Participation in European trade fairs.

This is where you have the opportunity to meet customers, logistics providers, control institutions and other important market players relevant to you directly and all in one place. At the same time you will increase your intercultural skills by getting in-depth knowledge of your target markets and its players.

Our meetings with you take place individually. This ensures that we can give each specific participant our full attention.

Get to know your target market and prospective customers directly. Make valuable contacts. And initiate concrete deals.



Which products? On what terms? Of what quality?
The IPD provides you with information that is decisive for you when exporting to Germany and other EU countries.
We support you with the following from us:

  • Market and trade information
  • Product-specific information
  • Information on legal rules and regulations and much more.

Take advantage of our information, it is based on actual practice and always up-to-date. And position yourself optimally for exporting to Europe.


Advice and capacity building

In Germany and in your country: The IPD advises you and qualifies you personally so that you can successfully take part in international market developments.
We will consult and support you in the following areas:

Quality management

  • Ensuring and increasing product quality 
  • Bases of international / national standards 
  • Bases of international / national norms and certifications


  • Bases of process documentation for structured presentation of business processes
  • Bases and the significance of product documentation for prospective customers 
  • Methods of cost calculation and their significance for the export business
  • Specific plans of action to implement export campaigns and to achieve defined export targets

Export training

  • Creating and implementing an export marketing plan (export targets, budgets, strategy) 
  • Incorporating the export marketing plan into the business strategy
  • Export management training with the focus on meeting deadlines for foreign exports 

Sales training

  • Competencies, approaches, attitudes and concepts for successful international sales.

Our training and workshops are tailored to your requirements. An application is the prerequisite for the possibility of taking part. You want to learn how to create a successful export strategy? How to adapt and develop your management processes to exporting?
Just contact us.

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