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Europe’s love of travelling

Europeans’ love of travel continues unabated. In 2017, for example, 58 per cent of Germans – that is, more than half the population – packed their suitcases.

Long-distance travel is especially popular. Never before have so many Europeans travelled to distant holiday destinations as in 2017. And tourism is booming on a global scale too. By 2030, the UNWTO estimates there will be more than 1.8 billion tourists.

Take advantage of this trend and win new customers in Europe!

Europeans are looking for in-depth relaxation and recreation, but what they especially want is authentic experiences that will allow them to get to know their host country in a very special way. They like to plan for a long holiday period, and they are prepared to invest a lot of money.

Sustainability is a must

Put an emphasis on sustainability with your products. Because a responsible approach towards resources and the people in their destination is also important for European consumers when they are on holiday.
For this reason, tour operators in Europe show a preference for sustainable offers, and they increasingly demand that their local partners are oriented towards sustainability.

Do you have unique travel of exceptional quality to offer in Ecuador, Nepal or Tunisia? In designing your packages, do you take environmentally friendly and socially responsible aspects into account? Because you wish to preserve the distinctive features and natural resources of your country in the long run?

The IPD will assist you in accessing the European market if you meet our admission criteria.

We offer trainings and workshops to prepare you for the requirements of the EU travel market. Then we connect you with potential purchasers at European trade fairs or organised familiarisation trips to your region.

In promoting your sustainable tourism products, we wish to play our part in developing infrastructures, creating jobs, and increasing incomes in your country. As a labour-intensive segment, the tourist sector makes an important contribution towards sustainable economic development.

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Trade fair in Berlin // 06.03. - 10.03.2019
Trade fair in Berlin // 06.03. - 10.03.2019

ITB Berlin

Establish contacts with carefully selected travel providers in our partner countries.
Learn more about new destinations and sustainable offers.

Sustainable tourism is being more and more popular.

Many travellers are looking for intensive relaxation, authentic experiences. But they also want to be sure that their trips are attuned to the nature, culture and society of the host country.

Especially the developing and emerging countries offer undiscovered tourism potential.

Are you looking for new travel providers of sustainable packages? Adventure-oriented tours to new destinations?

We arrange contact between European tourism operators and reliable travel providers in our partner countries. In designing their offers, our partners give attention to sustainability and especially on the needs of European tourists.
All companies were carefully examined and have been trained on the requirements of the EU travel market.

At ITB we connect you with reliable travel suppliers.
Take advantage of the ITB trade visitor days for individual discussions.

Detailed information on our suppliers will be available in February 2019.

If you have any further questions, please contact us:

Nora Eichkorn

Product Fact Sheets

Product Fact Sheet

Sustainable tourism (provided by CBI)

Europe is one of the largest source markets for trips to developing countries. European tour operators, especially in Northern and Western Europe, increasingly focus on working with sustainable suppliers. To increase their chances on the EU market, tourism businesses in DCs are therefore recommended to implement sustainable practices. The main sustainability requirements of EU tour operators include a sustainability policy, decent working conditions, poverty reduction, conservation of natural and cultural heritage and competitiveness. Although most tour operators do not require sustainability certification yet, it is expected to become more important over the next few years.

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Tourismus: Broschüre

Tips for a responsible traveller

The "Tips for a Responsible Traveller" (2017) brochure highlights those principles of the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism directly related to tourists, in order to help guide travellers in making their behaviour ever more responsible.

Tourismus // DRV Broschüre
Tourismus // DRV Broschüre

The German travel market 2017

Facts and figures on the German travel market 2017

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