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Bonn/Berlin // 30.06.2022

IPD welcomes Kenya as new partner country


First fact finding missions for cut flowers and fresh produce very successful

Bonn/Berlin, 30.06.2022 - Import Promotion Desk (IPD) is expanding its commitment and includes Kenya as the 15th partner country in its programme. On the first Fact Finding Missions, IPD experts met promising producers of cut flowers and fresh produce. A total of 13 companies were initially selected for IPD's matchmaking program. The import promotion initiative connects producers from developing and emerging countries with European importers. IPD will present the new companies to European companies at the international trade fairs in autumn.

Bonn/Berlin // 28.06.2022

BIOFACH 2022: “Organic Sourcing for Development”


IPD and GIZ present great organic variety from 15 developing and emerging countries

Bonn/Berlin, 28.06.2022 - More than 170 products from over 60 companies from 15 countries - a huge variety of products are brought by Import Promotion Desk (IPD) and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) to this year's Biofach, which takes place from July 26 to 29 in Nuremberg. Under the motto "Organic Sourcing for Develop-ment", they will be showcasing the huge organic potential from developing and emerging countries at their joint stand. Many companies from the two IPD partner countries Sri Lanka and Indonesia come to Biofach. They will be presenting specialties that are in high demand, including special spices and essential oils, coconut products and processed tropical fruits. Another focal point is the range of products from Ukraine. In addition, companies from IPD partner countries - Egypt, Ethiopia, Ecuador, Ghana and Tunisia - will bring their natural ingredients to Nuremberg. All producers have been carefully selected by IPD, are certified organic and can meet the high quality and quantity requirements of European buyers.

Bonn/Berlin // 05.04.2022

Virtual FAM Trip to Ecuador


Import Promotion Desk invites to virtual FAM trip to the land of four worlds
A webinar introduces tour operators to exceptional tourism companies and sustainable offerings from Ecuador.

Bonn/Berlin, 05.04.2022 - The Import Promotion Desk, an initiative of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, invites European tour operators to a virtual trip through the country of the four worlds. The virtual FAM Trip to Ecuador takes place on 5 May from 3.00 to 4.30 pm (CET) and explores the four different nature areas of Ecuador: the rain forest of the Amazon area, the culture and landscape of the Andean highland, the Pacific coast as well as the flora of the Galapagos islands.

Bonn/Berlin // 15.03.2022

Fruit Logistica 2022: Diversity from Africa


Tropical fruits, fresh herbs and a large selection of vegetables
The Import Promotion Desk (IPD) highlights the potential of trade partnerships with producers from Egypt, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, and Morocco

Bonn/Berlin, 15.03.2022 – The Import Promotion Desk (IPD) presents tropical fruits, fresh herbs and a large selection of vegetables – partly in organic quality – from its African partner countries at Fruit Logistica, which takes place in Berlin from 5th to 7th April. The producers from Egypt, Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana, and Morocco have been carefully selected by IPD experts and are certified according to international standards such as GLOBALG.A.P.

"As an import promotion initiative, we make sure that the companies in the IPD program meet the quality requirements of European buyers and can supply necessary trade volumes", says Dr Julia Bellinghausen, head of IPD. "Other good arguments for importing from Africa are its seasons, the associated strategically favourable harvest periods for fruit and vegetables, as well as short distances."

At this year's Fruit Logistica, IPD supports around 24 producers from developing and emerging countries – in addition to African exporters, also companies from Ecuador, Colombia and Peru.

Article // 08.03.2022

International Women`s Day: Economic participation promotes growth


"Powered by women": economic power of women in developing and emerging countries

Women in developing and emerging countries play an important and often underestimated role in care-giving and securing their family’s income. They work in the farming industry, in processing and in sales. But still it is generally women who have little access to education, land ownership and bank loans. The economic potential of women remains untapped. Equitable participation in economic life would not only improve women’s rights but also promote economic growth in these countries.

To mark International Women’s Day, Import Promotion Desk (IPD) presents three female entrepreneurs from Ethiopia, Sri Lanka and Colombia, who illustrate the enormous potential of women’s participation in economic life. IPD is active in 14 developing and emerging countries, supporting small and medium-sized companies with exports to the European market. The initiative is implemented by the globally active development organisation of German industry, sequa gGmbH, in close cooperation with the Federation of German Wholesale, Foreign Trade and Services (BGA). IPD is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

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Update issues


IPD Update issue 1 // 2022

Here and there, there has been a return to something approaching normality in recent months. IPD accompanied producers and tour operators at international trade fairs and lent its support to matchmaking between companies from the 14 IPD partner countries and European buyers. In addition to this, IPD experts were on the road on sourcing missions to visit the companies in the IPD programme on the ground again after a long gap, as well as meeting and vetting potential new exporters. What is more, IPD was able to implement a further important project with which to consolidate the foreign trade network: IPD regional offices were set up in selected partner countries in the second half of 2021.

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IPD Update 02 // 2021
IPD Update 02 // 2021

IPD Update issue 2 // 2021

In July 2021, IPD has embarked on its fourth project phase. We will be expanding our offer and taking on board two new partner countries – Morocco and Uzbekistan – in our programme. In addition to this, IPD will be opening regional offices in selected partner countries with immediate effect in order to further expand its work on the ground and, in particular, its cooperation with local export promotion organisations.

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IPD Update issue 1 // 2021

Die Corona-Pandemie hält uns weiterhin in Atem und stellt Unternehmen  weltweit vor Herausforderungen: Kontaktbeschränkungen erschweren die internationalen Handelsbeziehungen sowie die Suche nach neuen Produkten und zuverlässigen Lieferanten. Wir haben zu Beginn der COVID-19-Krise schnell reagiert und erste virtuelle Formate ins Leben gerufen, um unsere Unternehmen in den IPD-Partnerländern weiterhin zu unterstützen und potenzielle Handelspartner zusammenzubringen. Diese Formate haben wir stetig weiterentwickelt und zu Beginn der traditionellen Messesaison unsere Maßnahmen zur Importförderung noch einmal verstärkt.

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IPD UPDATE // Special edition 2020

Around the globe, the economy is feeling the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic: Production is being throttled, the exchange of goods restricted, and trade relations severely cut back. Developing and emerging countries are particularly susceptible to such global upheaval. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic varies hugely from country to country, region to region, and sector to sector. However, it can be registered as a basic fact that the local economy in developing and emerging countries is fragile across all sectors. People in rural regions, smallholder farmers and processing companies struggle more than others with the restrictions in production and exports. In such a situation, the work of Import Promotion Desk is more important than ever. We have reacted swiftly to the new situation and adapted our activities accordingly.

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IPD Update issue 1 // 2020

Focus: IPD partner country Nepal

The Import Promotion Desk (IPD) has been active in Nepal since as far back as 2015, working to facilitate access to the EU market for small and medium-sized enterprises. The aim is to integrate Nepal into the global trade scene, thereby making a contribution towards the country’s sustainable economic development. IPD initially began by promoting producers of natural ingredients in the Himalaya region. Today, the new IPD emphasis in Nepal lies on the tourism sector.

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IPD Update issue 2 // 2019


IPD Update issue 1 // 2019


IPD Update issue 1 // 2018


IPD Update issue 2 // 2017


IPD Update issue 1 // 2017


IPD Update issue 2 // 2016


IPD Update issue 1 // 2016

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