Favoured in Europe: Your natural ingredients

European consumers are becoming increasingly aware of healthy eating and sustainable foods. A growing number of people set great store by the purity and naturalness of the products they buy: for them provenance from an intact natural environment and the lack of artificial ingredients play an important role.

Sought-after in Europe: Pure products from an intact natural environment

For this reason, European food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals industries are constantly on the lookout for new sources. As a high-altitude country where natural products are cultivated under very pure conditions and frequently wild-harvested, Nepal is an obvious choice as an export partner for Europe. A wide range of sought-after natural and pure ingredients used in the manufacture of premium foods, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals originate from the heights of the Himalayas. Products particularly in demand on the German market at the moment include teas, medicinal and aromatic plants, essential oils and spices.

In demand on Europe`s travel market: Sustainable tourism offers

Nepal offers unique destinations like the ice-covered eight-thousander-metre peaks of the Himalayas, the national parks Chitwan and Sagarmatha or the imperial cities in the valley of Kathmandu. Travelers from Europe want to discover these natural paradises and sacred places without endangering them. They want sustainable and individual tourism offers, such as trekking tours or cultural adventure trips. European tour operators are therefore looking for local partner companies in Nepal that offer such innovative tourism products and give attention to sustainable development goals.

We will help bring your products to Europe

The IPD provides Nepalese exporters with contacts to interested buyers in Europe. Tour operators in Nepal receive support in marketing their tourism products on the EU travel market.


  • Natural ingredients for foods, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, including essential oils and spices (some with organic status), tea, medicinal and aromatic plants, e.g. Szechuan pepper, ginger, jatamansi.
  • Sustainable tourism offers: Culture and adventure travel like trekking tours in the Himalayas, wildlife and jungle adventure trips, cultural and study tours to the imperial cities of Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Patan, hiking trips with excursions to sacred sites or meditation and yoga trips etc.

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Trainings in Europe

Sales training at trade fairs

Achieve new contacts to potential buyers in the EU.
Make your sales talks effective and successful.
Generate sustainable profits.

These are the goals of face-to-face contact at an international trade fairs.
But how to negotiate with potential European buyers and tour operators? How to present your products and services attractively in a short time during a meeting? How to master difficult dialogues? What are the business practices in Europe concerning communication, understanding of time, social manners and negotiation strategies?

In order to be well prepared for those issues, the IPD organizes sales trainings for exporters and tour operators participating in the IPD programme.
Those specialized trainings provide companies from our partner countries with the skills, concepts and methods which will help to influence the decisions of the counterparts and enhance the prospects of the trade fair participation.

The IPD experts will equip you with different tools and techniques to present your products and services to European buyers in a way that they will be familiar with – so that intercultural differences will not have a negative influence on your business talks. 

During the trade fair, you can put your newly acquired skills into practice. For this, IPD experts accompany pre-arranged meetings with potential business partners and give direct feedback. With this preparation, business with European buyers run smoothly and without any trouble.

Do you operate in one of the five sectors in our partner countries? And would you like to participate in the IPD programme? To enter the selection process, please contact us.


Product Fact Sheets

Product Fact Sheet

Asphaltum / shilajit / stone oil

More and more European consumers are interested in non-Western health solutions. Those of an Ayurvedic tradition are often used in conjunction with wider lifestyle choices, encompassing nutrition, exercise and meditation, but products such as shilajit are also used in food supplements outside of this tradition. Cosmetics with shilajit are also marketed in Germany. The German market is less developed than the UK and especially Eastern European markets but does offer opportunities. German market entry can also take place through manufacturers in these other markets.

Success Stories

Success Story

Medicinal and aromatic plants from the Himalaya


Trade in medicinal and aromatic plants is an important source of income for the Nepalese population and makes an important contribution to the national economy. In Nepal the Deutsche Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and the Import Promotion Desk (IPD) are working together to support enterprises with the marketing of these highly sought-after plants. One company to benefit from this co-operation is the exporter Satya International.

Success Story

GIZ and IPD collaboration in Nepal bearing fruit


Within the framework of the “Nepal Trade Integration Strategy” GIZ and the Import Promotion Desk (IPD) are supporting a model project promoting the export of medicinal and aromatic plants. The project shows how specific sectoral support can help establish efficient value creation chains and enable Nepalese firms direct access to the German trade market. The half-time evaluation of the export promotion programme in Nepal showed that in 2016 alone Nepalese producers exported to the EU medicinal plant products worth 1.2 million Euros.

Success Story

Preparing for a new start in tourism

The Import Promotion Desk (IPD) is supporting the Ministry of Tourism in Ecuador (MINTUR) as it prepares to
relaunch tourism in the country. In conjunction with the consulting firm Hotel Resilient, which specialises in risk and
crisis management, the health and hygiene concepts for the tourism sector have been adapted to internationally
valid standards and a concept for hygiene and safety training has been developed. In the first three months, more than
400 Ecuadorian tourism professionals have already been trained; an e-learning program has also been launched.

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