What Europe demands: Lightweight wood products for diverse applications

The importance of timber as material for diverse applications has been growing steadily. For example, timber products are nowadays used in the automotive industry and in bridge constructions. It is their low weight paired with numerous sought-after qualities that makes them attractive. In addition, fast-growing species insure long-term availability.

In 2013, Indonesia was the first Asian country to sign a mutual agreement with the EU on legal wood (FLEGT-VPA). Due to this high level of legal certainty, Indonesia is an attractive partner for Europe’s wood-processing industry. Moreover, once the Indonesian SVLK system will be fully recognized by the EU and all timber exports to the EU FLEGT licensed, European importers will no longer have to run the time-consuming due diligence process required by the EUTR. This will be an important competitive advantage of Indonesian timber products and boost demand from European importers.

What Europe appreciates: Your natural and exotic ingredients

Healthy eating and the sustainability of food and other everyday products are becoming increasingly important to European consumers. The demand among European manufacturers for natural and special ingredients is huge, especially in the production of food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Indonesia’s agricultural sector offers a multitude of the natural ingredients so sought after in Europe, e.g. teas, nuts, spices, and extracts. And exotic rarities such as coconut flower sugar and seaweed-based products are of particular interest. 

We will help bring your products to Europe

This is why the IPD selected Indonesia as one of its first partner countries. We provide Indonesian suppliers of wood and natural ingredients with contacts to suitable importers in Europe.


  • Natural ingredients for food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, e.g. teas, nuts, diverse spices and salts, essential oils and extracts e.g. from cinnamon and vanilla. Also organic speciality rice, various coconut products (e.g. coconut oil, coconut sugar, coconut nectar syrup, coconut chips, coconut water, coconut powder), seaweed products, cacao.
  • Technical wood, classic hardwood products (e.g. Meranti, Teak), products made from fast-growing plantation woods (e.g. Jabon, Albasia).

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Trainings in Europe

Sales training at trade fairs

Achieve new contacts to potential buyers in the EU.
Make your sales talks effective and successful.
Generate sustainable profits.

These are the goals of face-to-face contact at an international trade fairs.
But how to negotiate with potential European buyers and tour operators? How to present your products and services attractively in a short time during a meeting? How to master difficult dialogues? What are the business practices in Europe concerning communication, understanding of time, social manners and negotiation strategies?

In order to be well prepared for those issues, the IPD organizes sales trainings for exporters and tour operators participating in the IPD programme.
Those specialized trainings provide companies from our partner countries with the skills, concepts and methods which will help to influence the decisions of the counterparts and enhance the prospects of the trade fair participation.

The IPD experts will equip you with different tools and techniques to present your products and services to European buyers in a way that they will be familiar with – so that intercultural differences will not have a negative influence on your business talks. 

During the trade fair, you can put your newly acquired skills into practice. For this, IPD experts accompany pre-arranged meetings with potential business partners and give direct feedback. With this preparation, business with European buyers run smoothly and without any trouble.

Do you operate in one of the five sectors in our partner countries? And would you like to participate in the IPD programme? To enter the selection process, please contact us.


Product Fact Sheets

Product Fact Sheet
Product Fact Sheet

Cherimoya in Germany

As one of the main European markets for exotic fruit, Germany offers interesting opportunities for cherimoya. Producers in Developing Countries (DCs) have most potential by differentiating their products with high quality and marketing stories.

Product Fact Sheet
Product Fact Sheet

Coconut water in Germany

As a new product, competition for coconut water is fairly low on the German market. As such, it offers great potential for German beverage manufacturers to diversify their products on the market. Certifications, particularly organic certification, can be used to add value to coconut water. Suitable preservation of coconut water is key to retaining its sought-after characteristics. This Product Factsheet will focus on the trade of coconut water for industrial use, which is sold in a B2B context.

For information on the export of coconut water to Europe visit

Product Fact Sheet
Product Fact Sheet

Palm sugar in Germany

Palm sugar exporters from developing countries (DCs) have an opportunity on the German market by positioning their product as a premium and healthier sugar than conventional white sugar. By using the popularity of organic and fair trade products in Germany, palm sugar producers can market their products in premium market segments. As a healthier ingredient than conventional white sugar, palm sugar has particularly good potential in dietetic foods.

Product Fact Sheet

Palm oil alternatives in Europe (provided by CBI)

Developing country producers who can offer palm oil alternatives at a low price and high volume have an opportunity to sell them on the European market. Consumers are increasingly demanding palm-oil-free cosmetic and food products, due to the negative environmental impact of palm oil production.

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Product Fact Sheet

Essential oils from Indonesia

German demand for essential oils is strong; and increasing competition for these natural ingredients from emerging markets stimulates German importers to search for new sources. They are looking for continuity of supply, stability of prices and quality, and detailed product documentation. If these parameters can be achieved, then buyers are willing to contract producers in Indonesia.

Product Fact Sheet

Virgin coconut oil in Europe (provided by CBI)

The European market for virgin coconut oil has grown significantly over the last years. This is mainly because of growing consumer attention to healthier diets. Initially, virgin coconut oil was only available at health shops. Virgin coconut oil has now become popular in mainstream supermarkets and its industrial applications are growing.

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Product Fact Sheet

Sesame oil in Europe (provided by CBI)

Sesame oil is gaining in popularity, as there is a growing interest in ethnic cuisines, gourmet products and healthier oils. Sesame oil can be sold in bottles to consumers but there is also a growing market for food applications, such as the use of sesame oil in hummus and salad dressings. Most European consumers of sesame oil live in the United Kingdom and Germany.

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Success Stories

Success Story

Coconut flower sugar – a niche product from Indonesia

The ambitious start-up company KULAU GmbH from Berlin has specialised in importing coconut-based products. The name of the enterprise speaks for itself: in Papua-New Guinea’s creole language Tok-Pisin, “kulau” means “young, green coconut”.

The company exclusively sells sustainable, naturally manufactured fair-trade organic products. In its selection of suppliers, KULAU adheres to the highest standards. Both in regard to product quality, good working conditions and environmentally-friendly cultivation methods at the plantations, the German importer makes high demands on its foreign partners. Professional sourcing is therefore very important to the company when it comes to locating suitable buying markets for its products in tropical countries. This is where the help of the Import Promotion Desk (IPD) came in handy. The agency introduced KULAU to the suitable partner, saving the company a lot of time and money.

Success Story

Sustained export promotion: Coconut sugar from Java

“When we entered the export market with coconut sugar we had collaborations with 100 small farmers – today it is already over 300,” says Amir Sudjono, founder of the company PT COCO SUGAR INDONESIA with headquarters in Purwokerto on the island of Java. The Indonesian firm has been participating in the export promotion programme of the Import Promotion Desk since 2015 and has in that time developed to become an international producer and exporter.

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